A Picnic at Church


A Picnic at Church

The word “picnic” might have been the least used word in the vocabulary of most americans during the past eighteen months, but it sure sounded good to hear it used again on Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd. Despite the cloudy skies and a bit of drizzle raining down on us on and off all day, a couple of hundred church goers came out for the annual Holy Spirit Church Picnic. After setting up tents for food and games outdoors and adorning them with our new vinyl KofC banners, courtesy of Chris Edwards of Edwards Sign Service, a rain shower fell on us, and the decision was made to move indoors out of the rain. However, the picnic activities did not miss a beat, and soon there were kids playing games indoors and adults playing BINGO, all while enjoying a picnic meal.

Our Past GK Chris Edwards showed his dedication to the Knights by going into the shop to print our banners after undergoing hernia surgery and having his shoulder operated on, we are indebted to you sir.

The Knights sponsored all the food and drinks that was served, approximately 220 hamburgers and at least as many hot dogs and soft drinks. We had prepared to serve a few more people, but the unused food and drinks went to the baseball concession stands. We had plenty of help from many brother knights for set up, cooking, cleaning and take down. Thanks to all the brother knights who did the heavy lifting of tents, tables and chairs, and set up of games. A special thanks to brother Knight Gamaliel Hernandez who took charge of set up and also recruited the help of his friends Rodrigo and Gabriel, all of whom help out every Sunday with the 1 PM Mass.

Thanks to all the following Knights for your help: Dan Murphy, David Ybarra, Mike Moloughney, Keith Archer and Lady Mary, Jim Kowalski, Robby Zablan, Mario Mejia, Jesse Rodriguez, Ramon Presas. Please forgive me if I left someone out of this list.

It may have been a lot of work for just four hours of fun, but it was well worth seeing smiles on the unmasked faces of parishioners. It definitely started us on the path to what “normal” might feel like once again.