A Special “Thank You”



We received this special “thank you” letter from Jack and Teddie Anderson this past week recognizing the work we have done for them the past few years; and the words are so touching that they should be shared by all Knights.  Here is the letter:

Dearest Brother Knights

     This is a letter that is long overdue; but due to the content it has been very hard to write without tears and emotions of gratitude and love for all of you.

     The assistance that “the Helping Hands Team” has given us from getting our old house ready to sell to setting up and fixing our new senior condo has been an enormous amount of work.

     It has been very frustrating for us before we heard of the Helping Hands.  Jack didn’t like the work servicemen did and how much they charged.  You see, before he was assaulted he did everything himself for us and others, as he taught vocational-ed and was very knowledgeable.

     After Knight Hands he was proud of the work.  Most of all it was getting to see the Knights that he knew and could trust.  Plus it was company.  He always has to tell his friends and neighbors what work was done and who did it.  “Come on in and just see the good work”  was his favorite expression.

     We also want to thank you for the great wheelchair.  It has made things a lot easier for us.

     One of the best decisions Jack ever made was to join the Knights of Columbus.  It gave him a sense of belonging that he never had as a child and one that gave him a chance to give of himself to others in all of the activities that he participated in. In return you are now giving to Jack in many ways which keeps the two of us smiling and going knowing we have the Knights of Columbus in our life.

     May our Lord Bless each one of you for each hand shake, smile, how are you doing, door opening and everything else that you do for Jack to make his life and mine so much more enriched.

                                                                  Love and Thank you

                                                                    Jack and Teddie