Another successful blood drive – March 2017


Patrick Stepniewski is the council’s go-to guy for blood drives and has been since even before there was a Council 8157 at Holy Spirit. Thanks in great measure to Pat’s efforts, 48 people donated or attempted to donate at the council’s annual winter drive, held in the community center gym on Sunday, March 12. That was an excellent total considering the number of parish families that were out of town for spring break. The Carter BloodCare crew that traveled from Bedford arrived early and was off and running from the start. Pat was aided at various times during the six-hour drive by SK Jim Stavinoha, SK Jim Russell, SK Andy Goza, SK Jeff Miller, John Espree and Mike Clark. Council members were included among those who donated: Russell, Miller, Espree, SK James Smith, Victor Zaragoza, Steve Castillo, Carlos Favela, Allen Reitmeier, Jeffrey Traub and Miguel Hernandez. Think of the lives across the Dallas-Fort Worth area that were aided by spending a few minutes in the Holy Spirit gym.