Coronavirus Disaster Preparedness


Coronavirus Disaster Preparedness


This unprecedented “Social Distancing” situation imposed by our government authorities to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus in our communities and the country at large, can have some unintended cultural/humanitarian consequences. For example, our elderly population may require some extra help and attention with issues such as preparing to stay homebound for weeks and having enough supplies stored in their pantries, or with issues of mobility in order to do so. But our younger population too may face some very difficult challenges ahead if/when the main provider/s become ill or unemployed for a long period of time.

Considering the uncertainty over when our government authorities might be able to stop the virus from spreading, we need to take some Disaster Preparedness action, precautions and proactive measures now.

Disaster Preparedness & Relief

We are calling on all our brother Knights to prepare to lend a hand if/when needed for such activities as:

  • delivering food and supplies to the needy
  • minor home repairs
  • yard work
  • transportation to and from appointments
  • shopping for others
  • help with technical problems with internet or phones
  • call a Brother Knight and check on him and his family
  • call a widow or someone who is suffering or maybe a shut-in from our church
  • stock the food pantry at church for those needing food

We will take every precaution to make sure we are safe as we go mobile to serve our community, so we’ll be appointing a temporary Director of Safety to keep us focused on adhering to the Coronavirus Guidelines.

Furthermore, our council leadership is willing to consider making grants/donations to members or others in need to help them pay rent or house payment (possibly through parish’s outreach program).

Please let us know if you need Help

    YES, I could use some help.

    All requests for financial assistance will be handled with utmost discretion.

    Supreme Council Suggestions

    Supreme Knight Carl Anderson suggests the following ways we can help:

    1. During this period, we urge every member and his family to pray the Supreme Council’s novena based on the prayer of Pope Francis (printable or video prayer), as well as a prayer being promoted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
    2. Help keep yourself, your families and your communities safe by cancelling all “in person” Knights of Columbus meetings and activities at the local or state level until otherwise indicated. This disease spreads when groups of people gather, so it is important that we avoid activities that could spread this illness. Councils should pursue online and/or teleconferencing options for meetings, fundraising, etc. until the danger has passed. The Supreme Council will be providing additional information on such options shortly.
    3. Leave no Knight – or neighbor – behind. If members of your council – or community – are elderly or have underlying medical conditions, please ensure that they have enough food. If you or others in your council have food to spare, offer to drop something off on their doorstep or to shop online for them.
    4. Give blood. Many communities are facing blood shortages. Those not being recommended to isolate themselves due to illness, age or underlying conditions should consider giving blood. National blood drives were pioneered by the Knights of Columbus in the 1930s, and this lifesaving activity remains an important aspect of our charitable work today.