First Ever Drive Through Fish Fry


Without a doubt, the turnout for our first ever drive through fish fry was a surprise to everyone there on Friday February 26, 2021. There was such an overwhelming response to the fish fry that it soon became apparent that we would be able to serve only those folks who had pre-ordered and pre-paid for their meals. That meant that many potential customers had to be turned away.

Roy Cormier and Larry Balagna preparing coleslaw
Jack Ramsden thawing and preparing catfish

It seemed nothing could dampen the spirits and energy of the 23 Knights (plus two lady helpers) during the entire event. Maybe it was just a chance to get out of the house and be with the “band of brothers”. At any rate, everybody pitched in and did their share to make the event a success.

John Espree and Al Evan were the traffic control guys. Jose Montoya and Allen Reitmeier with some help from Efrain Ochoa cooked the french fries and hush puppies. David Dybala and David Ybarra fried all the catfish. Robby Zabalan hauled the fish and fries and hush puppies from the cooking site into the kitchen area where Steve Reid, Cappie Wood, Mary Archer, and Eric Conner packaged the meals made up of catfish, hush puppies, french fries, coleslaw and a cookie.

John Espree, Chris Edwards and Al Evans getting ready to go to work
Robby Zablan during one of his many trips to the kitchen
Peter Perta, Jose Montoya, Allen Reitmeier and Arthur Rodriguez conferring

Jorge Ruiz, James Smith, Jim Russell, Keith Archer, and Peter Perta handled the administrative details of who gets meals and how many.

James Smith, JJim Russell, Peter Perta and Jorge Ruiz at the entry desk

Jeff Miller and Arthur Rodriguez breaded the cat fish and helped wherever needed

Efrain Ochos and Jeff Miller breading the catfish.

Chris Edwards and Trevor Edwards handed the meals to the customers as they drove through. The whole process worked very smoothly.

Thanks so much to: Jorge Ruiz, Jim Russell, Billy Calender, Chris Edwards, Dan Murphy, Jack Ramsden, Larry Balagna, John Espree, Mary Archer, James Smith, Cappie Wood, Keith Archer, Steve Reid, Jeff Miller, Robby Zablan, Efrain Ochos, Roy Cormier, David Dybala, David Ybarra, Jose Montoya, Arthur Rodriguez, Allen Reitmeier, Al Evans, Trevor Edwards, and Peter Perta for the time and energy you expended on this Friday night to make the event a success. In total there were 23 Knights that worked this event plus two helpful ladies. We served approximately 175 meals. A special thanks to James Smith, Dan Murphy and Jorge Ruiz for organizing and supervising this entire event.