Knight Hands Update



Rod Kinard and his chain saw

Knight Hands have been on the job these past three months completing projects #92 through #99.  Included in these projects was a tree trimming job for Yolanda Sanchez which involved cutting down three trees and trimming two others.  Seven Knights – Abel Lugo, Rod Kinard, Jorge Ruiz, Jim Stavinoha, Ray Rivera, John Espree and myself – participated in this project and made quick work out of a large task. (see full story on 8157’s website).   Knights Hands moved furniture from two Gabriel Angels to Gabriel Mom’s.  Dan Murphy, Jim Stavinoha, Ray Rivera David Dybala and Rod Kinard were the heavy lifters on these projects.  Dan Murphy and Leo Mattingly removed a canopy overhang from a home.

Mike Rumsey and Larry Balagna setting a new fence post

Knight Hands replaced a section of fence for a brother Knight.  This project was completed by Mike Rumsey, Larry Balagna, Ken Rarick and myself in about 10 man/hours.  Four (Rod Kinard Jose Montoya, Rivera and myself) strong Knight Hands picked up a huge entertainment and delivered it to the second floor of the rectory (whew).

Ray Rivera is supervisor mode

 And the most time consuming and probably the most important project was widening the bathroom doorway at the home of Evangeline Armstead.  Her handicapped daughter will be moving into her home and could not get into the bathroom because the doorway was too narrow.  At the same time we adjusted three other door in Mrs. Armstead’s home – they were sticking.  This project was completed by Ray Rivera, David Dybala, Dan Murphy and myself and took approximately 30 man/hours in addition to nearly $300 in materials.  Thanks to everyone who participated in these worthwhile projects.  The mission of Knight Hands is to relieve stress to folks in the parish community and I’s sure these projects did just that.

David Dybala final touch-up after widening doorway
Dan Murphy and final cleanup after widening doorway















Jorge Ruiz, Larry Balagna, Jack Ramsden, Ray Rivera and myself built a closet in Room 221 of the Community Center for storage of Knights of Columbus robes, plaques, citations, left over stuff and whatever else was lying around.

A new closet has been added in room 221
The roughed-in closet with door
Trying out the new seating layout are Larry Balagna, Ray Rivera and Allen Reitmeier.
Potential new seating arrangement after installation of closet