Knights On Bikes Seeks State District Recognition


A rapidly growing motorcycle group of Knights of Columbus members known as “Knights On Bikes” is seeking statewide recognition from our Texas Council. At our May 2017 meeting, SK Michael Luna, himself a member of this group, introduced a motion for our council to offer support for this recognition. As a first step towards recognition, many councils across Texas are giving their support to the group and in the near future it will be formally brought up in front of the Texas State Council for inclusion.

Below is Michael’s letter presented to our council:

22 May 2017

Worthy Gentlemen:

mike-luna-2014My name is Michael Luna. I am a currently a member of Holy Spirit Catholic Church Council 8157. I am writing to inform you that at our regular business meeting held on the 2nd of May 2017 those in attendance voted unanimously to support recognition from State District for the group known as Knights on Bikes.

A little bit of Knights on Bikes history; Raymond C. Medina, a proud member of the Knights of Columbus, wanted to visibly display membership. Consequently, he created a KC plate to affix on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Shortly thereafter, brother Knights appreciated the uniqueness of it and thus received several requests for plates for other KC members with motorcycles. As more and more plates were being created the Knights on Bikes was beginning. Officially though – the “Knights on Bikes” was created in April of 2005.

Members of the Knights on Bikes (KonB) are dedicated to improving the biker’s image, promoting safety, and Christian values. They are men of character and conviction who are driven by faith and conscience to do charitable and meaningful works. The KonB’s mission statement reads in part “to promote the spiritual needs of the Knights of Columbus and to strive to encourage faith, fellowship, and service.” Our brand tagline is “In God We Trust and Ride!”

Your support and State District’s recognition will make it possible for us to recruit Knights of Columbus members. Increasing the membership will allow us to offer assistance to any Knight, the Catholic Church, individuals, charities, and the communities in which we live through charitable work and leadership. Increasing the spiritual needs of Catholic men throughout the United States and abroad.

The State District’s recognition means the Knights of Columbus recognize and appreciate their hard work, dedication and special contributions. It goes a long way in helping members feel rewarded, encourages engagement and increases motivation and creates positive morale.

God Bless and I remain your faithful disciple,

SK Michael Luna
Council 8157 member


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