Dan Murphy


When the plumbing pipes froze in the rectory at Holy Spirit Church during a very cold winter storm early this year, the floor of the ground level unit was heavily damaged and had to be replaced. Although insurance took care of replacing the floor, the Knights were called in to help remodel the rectory suite on the first floor so our Parochial Vicar, Fr Steve Antes could move into it from the suite above. This two-day Knight Hands project consisted of painting the walls and ceilings in two rooms, a bathroom and closet, and moving some furniture from upstairs to downstairs. Our plumbing skills were put into action as we replaced two old toilets with brand new ones.

David Dybala
Knight David Dybala paints the Rectory walls.

The project started early on Tuesday morning February 8th, 2022 and was headed by our Worthy Family program director, David Dybala, a veteran of remodeling projects at the church–just look at what he did recently with the sanctuary. Our parish continues to benefit from his organizational and leadership skills, some of it acquired no doubt from David’s twenty years serving as the City of Dallas Public Works Director. Of course, David didn’t do it alone, he did have a little help from his friends and brother Knights, Jack Ramsden, Jose Montoya, David Ybarra, Dan Murphy, Russell LeRoy, Larry Balagna, Mike Fitzgerald, Deacon Al Evans, and Jorge Ruiz, GK.

At the start of the project, Grand Knight Jorge Ruiz took the opportunity to present Pastor Fr Eugene Okoli a donation check in the amount of $3,500.00, in support of all the church programs at Holy Spirit.

Donation to Holy Spirit
The Knights surprise Fr. Eugene with a donation.

As Knights, we are called to put our faith into action and to stand in solidarity with our priests, as Knight Hands, we walk that walk on every project.

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