Serious Accident At Fish Fry


Serious Accident At Fish Fry

A serious accident occurred at our fish fry this past Friday, April 5th. As the fish frying got underway Brother knight Dan Schneider fainted and collapsed onto two gas stoves with pots full of hot oil, spilling all 5 pots of 350 degree oil on the ground. Dan landed face down in the middle of it. It took a few seconds before he could be pulled away to safety by his fellow knights. But that’s all it took for him to suffer 2nd and some 3rd degree burns all over the front of his body, face, arms, chest, stomach and legs.

Jeff Miller immediately called 911 and paramedics arrived at the scene within minutes. He was treated and stabilized then carried by ambulance to Parkland Hospital’s Burn Unit. Grand Knight Tom Greco accompanied Dan to the hospital. His wife Elizabeth was contacted and she reunited with Dan at the hospital.

Others were splashed with hot oil as well, most notably Dan Murphy on a large area of his right leg. Dan was also treated by paramedics and advised to go to a clinic for further treatment. David Ibarra suffered minor burns to his right hand as he was rescuing Dan Schneider from the hot oil spill. Jorge Ruiz received a blow to his foot from the second stove smashing down on top of it, he was splattered with hot oil from the two pots in front of his stove, but his heavy boots, jeans and apron absorbed the oil and he was not burned.

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Elizabeth and Dan Schneider (center) at the Appreciation Dinner in January 2019.

Dan is still recovering in the Burn Unit of Parkland Hospital and will remain hospitalized for several days. Please pray for his speedy recovery.

Our prayers are with Dan Schneider and his wife Elizabeth. May God bless them.