“Sprucing Up”


In order to give our new incoming Parochial Vicar a proper welcome, Leonardo Zapata, asked Knight Hands to “spruce up” the living quarters for Fr. Esteban Antes who will be arriving sometime during the last week of June, 2020.  More specifically, Leonardo asked us to repair all the drywall cracks, repair the water damaged areas, replace the bath exhaust fan and then paint the bedroom and sitting room where Fr. Esteban will reside. 

So on Thursday June 18, 2020 Steve Zehnder, Dan Murphy, Mike Fitzgerald, Jorge Ruiz and I arrived at the Rectory and began the process of preparing the two room for painting.  Steve Zhender took charge due to his professional experience with these type of projects.  He proclaimed early on that the biggest job would be preparing the rooms for painting. rather than the actual painting.  And he was right.  First of all the furnishings had to move out of the rooms or covered with plastic.  Then Steve and Dan repaired the drywall cracks – there were about 11 such cracks which had to be re-taped and mudded and then textured.  While this was going on the rest of us covered the floor with plastic, taped off all the cabinets and floor molding, removed all the electrical covers, took down the drapery and blinds, removed pictures and hardware, and covered the ceiling fans with plastic.  By the time this was complete it was time to call it a day – besides the drywalls repairs had to dry before painting.

On Friday morning, June 19th, 2020 Dan Murphy, Jack Ramsden, Steve Zehnder, David Ybarra and I arrived at 8am to finish the job.  Painting went quite quickly with Jack painting the bathroom, David painting the closet and Steve, Dan, and I painting and cutting in the ceiling and walls.  Then everything had to be put back the way it was when we began which took a couple more hours.  After a final clean, we proclaimed the project complete.  In all Knights worked about 40 hours to complete this job with about $220.00 in material expense.  It is now ready for the arrival of Fr. Esteban.  Thanks men for a job well done.