Statue of St Joseph Installed in Courtyard


Statue of St. Joseph Installed in Courtyard

Saint Joseph, our spiritual father, guides us in our mission of supporting the family and supporting the Church. We are soon to have a beautiful statue of St Joseph holding the Christ child in the Holy Spirit Catholic Church courtyard. 

The statue has arrived and David Dybala and his fellow brothers Al Evans, David Ybarra, Dan Murphy, Larry Balagna, Jose Montoya and Allen Reitmeier built the base and pedestal upon which St. Joseph will stand. David Dybala did all the engineering and design of both the base and pedestal – much of the pre-work was done in his garage.

After the concrete pedestal was poured (concrete mixed by hand in a wheelbarrow using white cement), David smoothed out the sides and top to match the pedestal upon which Mary stands.

The final job was to lift the 800 pound stature up onto the pedestal. With the “spilling of many brains” and the use of a forklift, the job went on without a hitch. And so St. Joseph now has a permanent home in the courtyard.