Stolen Grill

On Thursday evening, Nov. 1, 2012,  someone or a group of someones saw fit to steal the Knights’ grill from church property.  Fr. Joe Lee actually saw the grill leaving and thought to himself, “The Knights must be doing something really early tomorrow morning.”   By that Sunday afternoon, it was confirmed that the grill was indeed stolen and our Grand Knight, Frank Salazar, took action.  He reported the grill as being stolen to the Duncanville police department and then, through contacts and efforts of his wife, Lourdes, notified the local television media.

Soon, the Knights and their plight of losing their grill was broadcast on the evening news on three news channels.  Frank and the Holy Spirit business manager, Ann Picha, gave a number of interviews.  While this exposure on television did not prompt the thieves to return the grill, it did open the hearts of the community to our plight and prompted two persons in particular to respond in a very positive manner.  On Monday, Nov. 5, Adam T. Ruef, the Director of Operations of Christ Church on Legacy Drive in Plano, called and gifted their unused grill to the Knights.  We accepted his generous offer and picked up the grill with gracious “thanks.”  On Wednesday, Nov. 7, Scott and LeeAnna Brooks, owners of Mid-Cities Erectors in Ft. Worth,  gifted a grill they had, as well.  They were kind enough to actually deliver the smoker grill to the church, where again the television cameras were rolling.

Allen Reitmeier ,Frank Salazar, Scott Brooks

So, while we will miss our customized grill made by our very own Knights, we are now in possession of two grills and have already used one during the Veterans Hospital cookout in mid-November.  Both will for sure be used during the annual Fall Festival.  The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Our sincere thanks to Tom Ruef and Scott and LeeAnna Brooks for their generosity during our time of need.

May God Bless and keep you and your families well and happy.

Frank Salazar, Adam T. Ruef, Nozar Daryapayma