Welcoming Fr. Eugene


An early start of the general business meeting brought many Knights of Columbus to room 212 in the Community Center this past Tuesday December 1st.  They were there to show their respect and support for the clergy of Holy Spirit parish by presenting welcoming gifts to Fr. Eugene – our parochial vicar.  The gifts “are tools of my trade” as Fr Eugene stated and consisted of a ciborium, chalice, patten and cruets, plus a carrying case for these items.  By these gifts the Knights of Columbus demonstrated their appreciation of Fr. Eugene’s dedication to his calling.

Grand Knight, Nick Kleinhaus, made the presentation by noting “the Council has never acted so quickly to approve an expenditure once we knew of the need”.  Deputy Grand Knight, Jim Richardson, who orchestrated the selection and purchase of these gifts pointed out to Fr. Eugene that these gifts were engraved with his name and his benefactor – the Knights of Columbus.

Fr. Eugene responded with heartfelt thanks as he held up his new “tools” for all to see.  “I will use these right away” said he.  “I will bless them tomorrow morning and use them all my days as a priest”.  He went on to say “If you guys need anything from me just ask.  I am a Knight, too – that’s who I am”.

This Council appreciates the support of the clergy of Holy Spirit and wishes Fr. Eugene only the best.