World Series Recap

World Series Baseball at Valley Ridge. Photo by Javier Ruiz.
World Series Baseball action at Valley Ridge. Photo by Javier Ruiz.
world series 2
Larry Balagna, Mike Rumsey, Jim Kowalski, Ray Rivera, and Ken Rarick waiting for the Wednesday rush

Little League Baseball Season Ends on a High Note

While there were many rained-out games during the regular little league baseball season, there was no shortage of games played during the just completed Class A World Series.  The city of Cedar Hill went “all out” in preparing the park and the baseball fields for the players and coaches and even the rain on Friday did not stop the games on Saturday.  The Cedar Hill Baseball Association, too, did a bang up job in organizing the event and maintaining an orderly schedule in spite of the lightning delay of games on Friday evening.

And that bring us to the tremendous job your Council’s Knights did during the 5 days of the tournament.  There were games played at Dot Thomas Park (32), Community Center Park (9) and Valley Ridge Park (133) and all offered concessions provided by your Knights of Columbus.  As always these were hectic times with lots and lots of customers needing service – particularly at Valley Ridge.   But as always the Knights of this Council came through with flying colors.  The service and the food was so good that we had our largest gross sales ever at a World Series.

There were many, many hero’s during this years’ World Series; not the least of which was the baseball committee.  James Smith and Andy Goza spent hours preparing for this event; like making freezer pops, making pickle pops, stocking the three locations with inventory and then restocking every single day during the World Series.  (the stocking job was made even harder because the local Sam’s store did not have all the needed inventory items).  Mike Rumsey also did much preparation work by moving needed equipment to each location, cleaning each location and repairing items as need – including remodeling the cabinetry at Dot Thomas.  Mike also worked three shift and helped Sunday afternoon on an emergency basis.  Greg Warr helped late each night in accounting for and depositing funds.  He also worked three shifts and kept all records of expenditures and receipts and games played.

We scheduled 112 work shifts of about 4.5 hours each to man the concession stands during this event.  Fifty four (54) Knights volunteered along with four (4) wives (Linda Reitmeier, Bimbo Peta, Shiela Balagna, and Toni Jacob) and two off-springs (Nicholas Ochoa and Joanne Perez); so obviously many Knights had to work multiple shifts.

These Knights worked 4 shifts:
Larry Balagna
Jim Stavinoha
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These Knights worked three shifts
Jan Araki
Shiela Balagna
Jim Kowalski
Ken Rarick
Mike Rumsey
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Greg Warr
Steve Zehnder
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These Knights worked two shifts
Steve Castillo
Eric Conner
Roy Cormier
John Espree
Carlos Favela
Frank Hernandez
Lou Lemons
Jeff Miller
Jose Montoya
Dan Murphy
Ed O’Brien
Peter Perta
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Bimbo Perta
Mario Ramos
Jim Richardson
Ray Rivera
Jorge Ruiz
Jim Russell
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These Knights worked one shift
Barry Barksdale
Billy Callender
Ernie Coy
Bill Dover
Reynaldo Estrellas
Joshua Estrellas
Al Evans
Mike Fitzgerald
Alan Garcia
Elio Gonzalez
Tom Greco

Russell Gully
Lupe Hernandez
Dan Hernandez
Tony Houston
Jerry Jacob
Toni Jacob
Nick Kleinhaus
Chris Kubin
Hector Lopez
Hendrick Maison
Efrain Ochoa

[one_third last=last]
Nicholas Ochoa
Agustin Perez Sr.
Joanne Perez
Daniel Rosales I
Daniel Rosales II
Linda Reitmeier
Joseph Santos
Pat Stepniewski
Ken Struck
Jay Trapp
[/one_third] [clear]

world series 3
Eric Conner and Russell Gully serving customers at Valley Ridge

Each of you who worked during the World Series should have received a personal “thank you” from the baseball committee.  If we have overlooked anyone it was accidental – not intentional.  For sure it was a team effort that produced the results we were looking for and to everyone the baseball committee says:  “job well done, congratulations and Thank You”.

Field of dreams – by Javier Ruiz
“A Field of Dreams” captured by photographer Javier Ruiz on Friday night of the Cedar Hill World Series as a lightning storm forced umpires to stop the games temporarily.
Heleo Gonzales
New Knight Heleo Gonzales was busy running between the ice machine and the popular snow cone machine while replenishing the ice coolers with drinks and ice.
Joseph Santos
It turns out that Knight Joseph Santos was a seasoned pro at manning concession stands and he demonstrated an uncanny ability to have fun while serving french fries and popcorn.
Efrain and Nicholas Ochoa
The father-son team of Efrain and Nicholas Ochoa did an outstanding job manning the kitchen at Valley Ridge Park in Cedar Hill.
Steve Zehnder and Dan Hernandez
Steve Zehnder and Steve Castillo working hard in the kitchen to keep up with the appetite of hungry ball players at Valley Ridge. Photo by Javier Ruiz.
Jorge Ruiz and Allen Reitmeier
Jorge Ruiz and Allen Reitmeier working the front counter at Valley Ridge. Photo by Javier Ruiz.