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Ron Suriano 1999-2001

Ron Suriano Grand Knight 2000-2001 Grand Knight 1999-2000 Ron Suriano joined the Knights of Columbus in 1960 at the urging of his father. That was just about the time he graduated from the University of Detroit. With a mechanical engineering degree in hand, he joined the Air Force and served for 22 years and 22…


Bill Chalko 1997-1999

Bill Chalko Grand Knight 1998-1999 Grand Knight 1997-1998 Bill Chalko, our Grand Knight in 1997-98 and ’98-99, is one of a handful of 8157 members who have distinguished themselves beyond our council. A year after his two-year term ended, Bill accepted the challenge of becoming a District Deputy. In August 1999, Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant…

Richard Bates 1996-1997

Richard Bates Grand Knight 1996-1997 Of the 41 names that appear on the charter for Council 8157 dated June 17, 1982, the most recent of three original members who have served as Grand Knight is that of Dick Bates. He became Grand Knight for the 1996-97 fraternal year at the request of out-going Grand Knight…

Russell Gully 1994-1996

Russell Gully Grand Knight 1995-1996 Grand Knight 1994-1995 In his second year as Deputy Grand Knight, Russell Gully was in the process of getting prepared to take over council affairs beginning in July 1994. So he was somewhat startled at the March ’94 meeting when Grand Knight Ron Pinkston abruptly announced that he’d taken a…

Ron Pinkston 1993-1994

Ron Pinkston Grand Knight 1993-1994 Ron Pinkston was our Grand Knight for the 1993/1994 fraternal year. He was a Knight for seven years before he ran for the Grand Knight position; and Council #8157 benefitted from that decision. During the years prior to making the decision to run for Grand Knight, he was not idle….

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