Prayer Requests – SEPTEMBER 2021 (3)


Prayer Requests – SEPTEMBER 2021 (3)


Michael Tiambeng, BK Mario’s son

September 28, 2021

Brother Mario Tiambeng’s son Michael and his wife Sanya were involved in a car accident on Danieldale and Main Street in Duncanville two days ago. Their car was T-boned on the intersection and the speeding motorist bounced off to hit three other cars. Michael is in critical condition at Methodist Central in Dallas. Sanya may be released today.

Please keep the Tiambeng family in your thoughts and prayers.


Ernestina Alvarez – COVID 19

September 26, 2021

Our brother Knight Ernest Alvarez’s wife, Ernestina (50) has been suffering from severe upper respiratory symptoms since being diagnosed with COVID 19. She was intubated early this morning to assist with her breathing. She is hospitalized at Methodist Central in Dallas.

Ernest himself has tested negative for the virus. Their daughter April (32) also had the virus with mild symptoms but was cleared with a negative test result yesterday.

Ernie’s nephew Joey Alvarez was killed on Sept 27, 2021.

Please keep the Alvarez family in your thoughts and prayers.


Jose Montoya – COVID 19

September 22, 2021

Our brother Knight Jose Montoya has tested positive for COVID 19 and is suffering from a strong and persistent cough, and other upper respiratory symptoms.

Please keep BK Jose Montoya and his family in your prayers.