Another Completed Project by Knight Hands


Another Completed Project by Knight Hands

On Saturday January 16th, 2021, ten Knights gathered at the home of Sara Vasquez to perform multiple tasks to repair her home. 

David Dybala, Russell LeRoy and David Ybarra

Right away David Dybala, Russell, and David Ybarra tackled the difficult task of removing the rotted decorative protruding beams on the front of the home (six of them).  In reality they cut off the offending beams and manufactured new end caps and now the front of the home looks brand new.  Well done guys.  David Ybarra also provides sandwiches and drinks for everyone – what a guy.

While this was going on, Russell Gully, Efrain Ochoa, and Dan Murphy were installing a new section of gutters on the back side of the home.  They did a sparkling job and now the water will be diverted away from her living room wall.  The number one reason Knight Hands undertook this job was because Sara’s siding above her garage doors was rotted and needed to be replaced.  The 10” double lap siding was no longer available and so had to be milled in Reitmeier’s garage.

 Larry Balagna and Mike Fitzzgerald took on the task of removing the old rotted siding and installing the new stuff.  They worked like a professional team and without a single error had the new siding applied lickety split. 

And not to be outdone, Jack Ramsden went around the entire house caulking gaps and painting areas that needed touch up – and there were many places that needed a new coat of paint.  Nice job Jack.  That left me with no job other than to cheer everyone on – which I did.  It was a fine Saturday morning endeavor and Sara was so impressed with the work we did.  I, for sure, was extremely proud of the work we did and the guys who did it.  It’s a pleasure working with Knight Hands.