Busy Month for Knight Hands

John Espree, Larry Balagna, and Ray Rivera checking out the new fence after the gas line was repaired

October 2015 turned out to be a very busy time for Knight Hands; we completed 11 projects during the month.  Most memorable was replacing a fence at Gabriele Hardin’s home; memorable because while drilling new holes for the fence posts we (actually Allen) ruptured the main gas line.  What with the fire department on scene and Atmos Energy surveying the damage, it was quite an exciting event.  All was well in the end, though.

Knight Hands 41
Jack Ramsden, Mildred VanWinkle, Ken Rarick and Larry Balagna after completing Mildreds ramp

Juan Hernandez was involved in the first job of the month which was repairing a ceiling fan and re-energizing an exterior receptacle (he’s an electrician, you know).  We did two moving type jobs during the month and went to the home of Evangeline Armstead 4 times – to reinstall her shower door, to repair her sprinkler system (David Dybala changed the master control board), to repair her garage door (again David Dybala was Knight on the spot), and finally Jim Russell drove Evangeline’s daughter to and from a doctor appointment in downtown Dallas.

Knights hands 40
Ray Rivera and Ken Rarick resizing the backyard gate

Four Knights (Ken Rarick, John Espree, Ray Rivera and Allen Reitmeier) worked approximately 12 man/hours to repair a broken threshold and resize a backyard gate.

David Dybala was the main character in stopping a leaking roof at the home of a fellow brother Knight – Tony Almanza.   And the final project completed on October 29th was building a ramp for Mildred VanWinkle in Dallas.

These jobs cost the Knights of Columbus $362; but we recieved contributions for our work of $300.00.  Knight Hands has now completed 149 seperate projects since it’s inception 5 1/2 years ago.  Many thanks to all the Knights who take part in these projects as we fulfill our mission to relieve stress from  those in need in our parish community.