Corporate Communion


Some one once asked, “Who are the Knights”?  This past Saturday evening, Nov. 17, 2012 at the 5:30 p.m. Mass, you could see who the Knights are.  There was a priest, a deacon, an alter server, a musician, members of the choir, ushers, Eucharist ministers, members of the 4th Degree Honor Guard and an assembly of Knights praying and singing together in thanksgiving to God for all the gifts that He has bestowed upon us at this annual Corporate Communion.  Nearly 40 Knights plus their partners attended this Mass to commemorate the fallen Knights not just from this Council, but Knights everywhere.  The voices of the Knights in the center section of the church singing with passion and saying aloud the Mass prayers was inspiring and tingling.  The 4th degree Honor Guard, dressed in full regalia, provided even more dignity to the ceremony by providing the Knights and their partners an escort in and out of church with swords at attention.

After Mass, most everyone made their way to Bienvenidos restaurant in Lancaster for a buffet dinner of Mexican food and an American cake.  There, too, everyone was treated to a video display of Knight activities the past year provided by Al Alonzo.  Fellowship, conversation, laughter and love was all around this group and, as this writer saw it, well deserved.