Council Activities

There is currently no one who has taken up the mantle of Director of Council Activities. If thee were a Director he would organize and supervise the following events.

  1. Appreciation Dinner. This is an annual event that celebrates the past years successes in the Council. It is a gala affair with a catered dinner, adult beverages, prizes and music and dancing. All Knights in good standing and their significant others are invited. This event usually occurs in the early past of the calendar year.
  2. Corporate Communion. The Supreme Council recommends that each Council attend Mass as a group once each quarter. Typically the event i\occurs during the Saturday evening Mass and is followed by a fellowship time period in the Community Center Upper Room (dining room) Typically a light meal is served by the Knights as well.
  3. Free Throw Contest. This event is held annually beginning at the local level with winners moving on the state and perhaps national competition.