District Deputy Seeks Help


During the general business meeting of December 4, 2012, Bill Dover spoke of the many happenings during the mid-year meeting and presented the Council with three wards.  What Bill failed to talk about was the District Deputies of Dallas and their efforts to assist seminarian.  As you know, Knights have long supported seminarians through the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP).  Our Council, for example, supports 4 seminarians with a $500 donation annually to each for incidental expenses they incur while in the Seminary.  However, these seminarians need additional help from time to time in emergency cases.  Many seminarians are from different parts of the country or world even, and need to make emergency trips to their home for many reasons; like illness, death in the family etc.  The District Deputies of Dallas have been involved in generating emergency funds for these seminarians through the Committee of 1,000 program.  They are asking 1,000 Knights in the Dallas diocese to contribute $10 to this fund which will then be used for emergencies.  What Bill forgot to ask at this last meeting was a show of support for this Committee of 1,000 program.  Bill has committed to find 50 Knights in his District to support this program.  At the upcoming meetings, please be prepared to support Bill and his endeavor to support the seminarians through the Committee of 1,000.