Fall Baseball 2014

Abel Lugo at 9:30pm Saturday night
Jim Ouimet and Peter Perta opening Dot Thomas

Fall baseball is in full swing with games every Tuesday and Saturdays from September 6th through October 11th.  Thanks to Jose Montoya, Jim Myers and Ray Rivera for cleaning and preparaing the concession stands, to Andy Goza and James Smith for supplying the concession stands and to Greg Warr for accounting for the receipts.  And, of course thanks to the Knights who worked the games.  Because of the efforts of John Espree, Jan Araki, Bob Motta, Dan Murphy, Ray Rivera, Jim Russell, Greg Warr, Steve Castillo, Russell Gully, Jesse Radillo, Peter Perta, Steve Zehnder, Mike Rumsey, Tony Almanza and Frank Salazar, these regular season games are handled with ease.  This is the first year since Valley Ridge opened that there was a league for Southwest Classic teams – hence the Tuesday evening games.

Larry and Shiela at Valley Ridge

On September 20-21st, the Cedar Hill Baseball Association hosted 11AAA and 11Open teams in the Matt Dozier benefit tournament held at Valley Ridge and Dot Thomas.  This was a surprise tournament with very little lead time to organize, equip, stock, and schedule Knights.  With a huge effort by James Smith equipment and supplies were moved to Dot Thomas Park and all was ready by Saturday morning the 20th of September.  A special thanks goes out to the following Knights who worked the two concession stands during the tournament with very short notice.  Thanks so much to:  John Espree, Jan Araki, Bob Motta, Peter Perta, Jim Ouimet, Steve Castillo, Jim Richardson, Frank Salazar, Mario Ramos, Greg Warr (especially Greg Warr), Abel Lugo, Steve Zehnder, Ed O’Brien, Tom Greco, Trevor Edwards, Jim Kowalski, Larry Balagna, Shiela Balagna, Mike Rumsey, Carlos Favela, and Agustine Perez Sr.  This tournament ran well into the night with both concession stands closing around 10:30pm.  For the effort of the above mentioned Knights, Greg Warr will deposit around $3,900.  If you feel left out and would like to work at the concession stands, please contact Allen Reitmeier at www.alreitmeier@gmail.com or 214-850-3602.