Fall Festival Time

Marce Tebbe and Fr. Tuan trying to stay mostly dry

“Heavy lifting” is an apt phrase both figuratively and literally when describing the Knights’ involvement at the parish’s annual Fall Festival held during the final weekend of September. And that’s nothing new for this group. It starts months before the first hot dog is tossed onto the grill, when the rummage group looks to the KC’s for constructing the physical foundation of the sale set-up in the gym. That’s far from an easy task – to get all of those tables and clothing racks to accommodate the maximum amount of materials – but it was done right by the Knights years ago, and the institutional knowledge now goes a long way. And from the time that the gym was set up to receive items, Knights were the primary delivery people during the coming months who gladly picked up large or bulky items and found spots for them on the ever-crowding gym floor.

Juan Chapa at the Grilling Station

On the Thursday evening before the Festival began, KC’s put together the outdoor stage for musical entertainment. And who was among the dozen or so Knights in attendance that night? Our “long distance brother,” Martin Svatek. He and Kathleen just couldn’t stay away during the big weekend. Friday meant a full day (8 a.m. until dark full) of additional preparations. That included construction of the midway booths and tents, setting up the cookers, putting together the kids’ games, setting up the bingo room and taking care of the weekend’s electrical needs. Back in the community center kitchen, KC’s were getting started preparing the Saturday night dinner plus other culinary items that would be sold over the next two days. That all happened Friday in anticipation of a possibly rainy Saturday, and did it rain.

Doug Karpan and Jack Ramsden

But the Knights and the other Festival volunteers bulled ahead, simply thanking God for the opportunity to get together and provide for the good of the parish. The KC’s were, of course, responsible for the grilling station, but brothers Knights were also hard at work all over the grounds tending to areas like the Saturday morning breakfast tacos, the games and were among those who displayed their musical talents.

Jorge Ruiz and David Ybarra at the Funnel Cakes booth

This year’s Festival was a testament to the always well-organized Knights also having to think on their feet; when the stage required a new roof given the week-end’s events, KC’s got that done while on the go. And after the last game was played and the last rummage item sold, Knights were present in strong numbers to tear down the rummage infrastructure and disassemble the midway and the stage. Another task well done by the “church’s strong right arm.”



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