Knight of the Month – January 2012

Al Alonzo

Al Alonzo has been a member of our council for less than a year. But anyone who has participated in only a handful of 8157 activities since last summer knows he’s willing and able to pitch in just about any time – and he’s probably going to bring along his trusty camera. His interest in photography began back when he attended high school in his hometown in the Philippines, Malolos City. Photography equipment was more expensive then, and a local photo studio was willing to loan him a still camera and a movie cameras. He and wife Sally moved to the United States in 1969 and had a layover in Tokyo making the long trip. While there, Al bought his first Ricoh 110 film camera. When his family moved to Duncanville four years later, he added new Kodak equipment: a 35mm camera and a panoramic camera. He was ready for the video revolution a few years later and has continued to add to his array through the years. He has produced slide shows for various Holy Spirit ministries and, soon after becoming a Knight, joined the council’s Awareness Committee and began establishing 8157’s own Facebook page. Al still has his older cameras and plans to donate them to a museum in the Philippines that displays vintage photo equipment.