Family of the Month – July 2012


The efforts of the council’s Family of the Month for July, Marce and Brenda Tebbe, were readily seen by many parishioners yet also out of sight from all but a few. The Tebbes planned and constructed most of the props and decorations that made Deborah Garrison’s “SKY” VBS week come alive for the parish kids in the community center in late June. They built the six-foot plane that the youngest campers could sit in, the two-dimensional plane for use by the older kids, the 15-foot radar tower in the center of the gym floor, the “metal detection” entry way and provided materials for other aspects of the imaginative presentation. They also spearheaded the efforts to cook burgers and dogs for the wrap-up dinner. What wasn’t as noticeable was their labor among the KC’s who expanded the sprinkler system in the backyard of the rectory. They planned how to attach the new piping to the existing system (which was also installed by the council), purchased the materials – including almost 500 square feet of sod and two tons of fill dirt – rented a trencher and did the dirty work with some assistance from Allen Reitmeier and Jeff Miller. They returned to the scene of the grime three times afterward to roll the new sod and later helped satisfy Fr. Joe’s request for a vegetable garden and herb garden.