Holy Trinity Seminary Cook-Out


On “Blue Moon” Friday, August 31st, a number of Knights ventured to the Holy Trinity Seminary at the University of Dallas in Irving to cook for the seminarians there.  Those Knights were  Frank Hernandez, Ed O’Brien, Marce and Brenda Tebbe, Mike Fitzgerald (who also baked and brought over 200 cookies), Andy Goza, Pat May, Al Alonzo, Jorge Ruiz, Ray Rivera, Jim Richardson, and Allen Reitmeier.

While the Knights show their support for these young seminarians by cooking a meal each year, it is always a pleasure to see and intermingle with such a fine group of young men.  Each and every one of them thanked the Knights for the meal, never a harsh word was spoken, and they were polite to a fault.  The four hours spent preparing and serving these young men was uplifting for all who participated.

This year there were 72 seminarians from Holy Trinity (thankfully this number grows larger each year), and this year they were joined by 17 seminarians from Redemptoris Mater.  Our hope and our prayer is that all of these young men will become priests one day – from what this writer saw and heard during the cook out, that could very well happen.  If you want to be inspired and encouraged, come join the Knights at the next seminarian cook out.  Watch your e-mail and this website for the next cook out.