Hospitalized Veterans Honored


What a show of strength by the Knights of Council 8157 as they honored the men and women who served their country and are now paying the price. This past Saturday, November 10th, 16 Knights (and 4 significant others) cooked and served those veterans currently hospitalized at the Veterans Hospital in Lancaster. Art Senato & Maureen, David Ybarra & Veronica, Jim Richardson, Frank Salazar & Lourdes, Marce Tebbe & Brenda, Frank Hernandez, John Rizo Jr., Allen Reitmeier, Ed O’Brien, Tom Greco, Al Alonzo, Dan Murphy, Tony Houston, Bill Dover, Nick Klienhaus, and Bob Lamb all contributed about 4 hours of their day to say “thank you” to those who served their country by cooking a hamburger/hot dog meal with all the fixin’s.

 As in the past years, Bill Dover and the Veterans Hospital coordinator Donna Earnest made all the arrangement and Dan Murphy organized and coordinated the Knights activities. While the veterans enjoyed a grilled meal, they also felt special and wanted for the time the Knights were there. The Knight too felt special knowing they had served the larger community and these veterans in particular. Charity takes many forms not the least of which is helping to heal the hearts of the weary. To all those in attendance at this event, know that you have made the lives of approximately 50 injured and recovering veterans better by your act of kindness.