Knight Hands – many Knight Hands


Cutting Yolanda's trees
Jim Stavinoha and Abel Lugo cutting Yolanda's trees

[dropcaps] O [/dropcaps] n the morning of August 2nd (a cool morning for Texas in August), seven Knights set out to help a neighbor in need.  Knight Hands had accepted an application for assistance from Yolanda Sanchez to cut and trim her trees at her residence in Duncanville.  Abel Lugo, Rod Kinard, Jorge Ruiz, Jim Stavinoha, Ray Rivera, John Espree (sponsoring Knight), and myself left my garage (after coffee and donuts) to tackle this job.  I often remember Ed O’Brien telling me a number of years ago that “many hands make light work”.  Today I would revise that statement and say that “many Knight Hands make light work” as this group of seven Knights jumped right in and cut Yolanda’s trees and piled the trimmings ready for pick-up by the city of Duncanville.

Rod Kinard cutting Yolanda's trees

When we arrived, Rod Kinard fired up his large chain saw and began cutting the small trees Yolanda had requested to be cut down; while John Espree worked the electric pole chain saw and trimmed the two large trees in the back yard.  The rest of us stacked and piled and carried the branches to the street where Abel and Jim cut them into 4′ lengths.   Everyone worked like a beaver and in no time at all we were finished.   For a job that I had estimated would take 2-3 hours was complete in 1 1/4 hours.

John Espree cutting Yolanda's trees

Of course Yolanda was pleased particularly because John Espree just kept cutting more and more branches.  I tried to stop him but he kept saying “we’re here, let’s do it all”.  He was right, of course, and I for one was grateful that he was there.  This project was just another example of the power of togetherness and the impact Knights can have on the community by banding together to help those in need.  I was proud to be a part of this group of seven Knights.

Jorge was there too