Knight Hands Update

Ken Rarick standing in the yard of Sadie Willoboughy after cutting and trimming

During the fraternal just completed on June 30, 2013, Knight Hands completed 29 projects in the community helping take away a little of the stress from those being served.  All of the projects had a sponsoring Knights and while none of the projects were “major” or expensive, all those who were served expressed their appreciation and their surprise that someone would help them without any consideration of payment.  A few who received assistance donated money to the Knights of Columbus – much to my dismay.   Some example of the most recent projects are:  Ken Rarick and I mowed and trimmed the lawn for an elderly widow in Duncanville who had no one else to do the job;  John Espree and myself installed a headboard on Jack Anderson’s bed so he could pull himself into a sitting position and also get out of bed;  Ken Rarick and I trimmed trees along the electric wires and cleaned the gutter on a shed for a long time parishioner;  Jim Russell drove an elderly person to and from the doctor and bank.

If you see someone who need some assistance just let me know at 214-850-3602 or and I’ll take it from there.  We are blessed to have the mental and physical ability to help others and we should.  On a side note, we now have a powered wheel chair available to loan to anyone who any Knight recommends.