Knight Hands at Work




David Dybala and Jose Montoya worked 6 straight hours replacing a safety balcony porch railing at the home of Sue Sehi this past Monday morning/afternoon.  Hector Rubio, the sponsoring Knight for this project, kicked in 5+ hours as well and Efrain Ochoa assisted until he had to leave to attend a funeral.  This job entailed first demolishing the current rotted railing and preparing the area for the new railing.  The new railing was engineered to be stronger and more long lasting; and so took some time to build and install.  In addition the porch was a second level balcony so care had to be taken and extra effort was required to get all the materials to the second story.  In addition there was a swimming pool underneath the porch further complicating the whole job.  Undaunted these guys hit the ground running and didn’t stop until the job was done.  Hector kept the place cleared of all the debris while Jose and David did the constructing.


While this was going on, Ray Rivera and myself did 5 other minor repairs to the home; including replacing a rotted corner of the eave/fascia.  Ray and I also caulked and painted the chimney walls and replaced the rotted decorative column tops on each side of the garage doors as well as replacing one window sill and tightening two siding seams.  We started this project at about 9:00am and worked until about 3:00pm – everyone then elated to have the job done.  So while we worked long and fairly hard for 6 hours, the reward of helping someone in need far outweighed the sweat and tiredness.  My hats off to all the guys who participated – Sue was most grateful for a job well done