Knight of the Month – May 2012

Bennie Sikorski

The camaraderie that Bennie Sikorski, Knight of the Month for May, experiences volunteering for the council reminds him of the bonds that he shared through 23 years of Army life. “You’re quite close to your fellow military,” he noted. His KC activities include a weekly “shift” with the frying unit during fish fry Fridays. Bennie is from Houston, graduating from St. Thomas High School. He earned an economics degree from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, an MBA in management and data systems from the University of Dallas and also attended the military Command and General Staff College in Kansas. During Bennie’s Army career, he spent three years in France, one in Korea and two in Vietnam. In France, he was part of the unit that delivered the first T2 tanker to provide petroleum in Germany. Bennie joined the Knights about 25 years ago, when stationed in Hampton, Va. He settled here when his last Army assignment was in the area and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He be-came a parishioner in 1998. Bennie later worked in data systems support for General Dynamics. His wife of 55 years, Virginia, passed away in 2007. Daughter Belinda has been stationed in Germany for 28 years and is a teacher for the Department of Defense at Ramstein Air Force Base. Son Michael is married to Mikki, and they have a son, Sean. Michael runs a business in Irving called Cyberlink.