Knight of the Month – April 2013


Brad Lamb

Knight of the Month-April 2013: Brad LambBrad jumped right in as a new Knight during the Lenten fish fry dinners both as a fish runner and even as a fill-in fry guy. Next was his first taste of counter service at the baseball concession stand out at Valley Ridge, where he’s prepared to help on the occasional Sunday when tournament play comes around. Brad is kind of the reciprocal to that phrase about not being born in Texas but getting here as fast as you can. He was born in Texas but was whisked off to other locales early and often as part of a military family (born at Fort Hood). Brad has a graduate degree in justice, law and society from American University in Washington D.C. and works for Texas Instruments as a security coordinator. He and wife Holly have been parishioners for about five years. They have three children: Derek (15), Abby (8) and Fenton (1). The Lambs doesn’t typically attend the Saturday evening Mass, but he made it a point to do so earlier this year to experience his first quarterly Corporate Communion. Brad enjoys lots of outdoor activities like hiking, camping and off-road biking. When not outside, he likes to read books on true-life adventure. Brad is planning to attend his Major Degree ceremony in May. ‘I’m really honored to be Knight of the Month,” he said.

Jim Richardson, Brad Lamb & Nick Kleinhaus