Knight of the Month – April 2014


Bennie Sikorski

BENNIE SIKORSKIPersonally congratulating Bennie on being named the council’s Knight of the Month for April anytime soon will require either substantial disposable income or a heap of frequent-flier miles. Bennie is making one of his regular trips to visit his daughter, Belinda, who is stationed in Germany and works for the Department of Defense as a teacher. Before departing our hemisphere, the Duncanville resident was stationed (voluntarily) as part of our frying brigade during the Lenten fish fries. He has been a familiar face at Holy Spirit since 1998. Bennie grew up in Houston, graduated from St. Thomas High School and then earned an economics degree from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. He joined the Knights in 1971. Bennie later added an MBA in management and data systems from the University of Dallas and also attended military command and general staff college in Kansas. Bennie retired from the U.S. Army as a lieutenant colonel following 23 years, which included stints in France, Korea and Vietnam. He also spent 25 years with General Dynamics and Computer Science as a data systems manager. His devoted wife of 54 years, Virginia, passed away in 2007. Bennie also has a son, Michael, who is married to Mikki, has a son, Sean, lives in Irving and founded the Cyberlink Application Service Provider company.