Knight of the Month – August 2011

Arthur Unachukwu

Three years at Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving. Five years at St. Mary in Houston. Fr. Arthur Unachukwu didn‘t need to do the math: “That‘s a long time”,  he said with a sigh. And 8157‘s Knight of the Month for August says he‘ll forever be grateful for the support that he received on a regular basis from our council. (Read about his journey to priesthood elsewhere in the newsletter.) “I came here as a teenager, and they were very supportive,” he said. The financial support often seemed to come at just the right time, making it easier to pay his cell phone bill or keep up car maintenance. “A pair of socks,  shoes,” he recalled. “It wasn‘t like I really needed it; but when you do have it, it relieves a lot of stress”.  And, of course, support from the KCs meant more than improving his financial situation.  “They were role models for service to the church”  he said.  I‘ve come to know many of them personally.”  He‘s grateful for all of the Holy Spirit pastors whose paths he crossed. Fr. Tim was here when he arrived. “He welcomed me into the parish before I entered the seminary,”  he said. “He gave me a space to call a home. He also allowed me to serve on the altar when I entered the seminary. He told me he wanted me to be comfortable around it.”