Knight of the Month – December 2011

Bob Lamb

A man and his pickup: Bob Lamb, Knight of the Month for December, is seemingly always ready to call upon his white F-250 diesel (2000 model year) to haul the council’s traveling grill to a cookout here or there. Bob ordered it direct from the factory. Had two miles on it when he picked it up. In late December, it had 125,000. Bob, age 84, and wife Jimmie have been married for 58 years after a co-worker set them up on a date soon after he came to north Texas from Florida. They have three children, seven grandchildren and 12 great-grandkids. He joined the Knights while living in Arlington and then moved over to Holy Spirit and 8157. Bob started ushering soon after joining the parish, was invited into the council by Jim Kowalski and soon after became a Fourth Degree. Bob is the council’s outside guard, vigilantly verifying everyone’s membership cards at the monthly meetings and then manning the door to let in any latecomers (who first show him a card, naturally). He says of the Knights, “They’re always ready to help. That’s what impressed me most of all. I hope we keep doing the things that we’ve been doing.” Bob retired only seven years ago and says, “I’m at peace with the world. I don’t have any worries. It’s really nice to feel that way.”