Knight of the Month – February 2013


Art Senato

art-senato-170x170Art is a New Yorker by birth and north Texan since the Air Force sent him to Carswell AFB in 1955. He is our co-director for youth activities, right-hand man to Larry Dumais. In January alone, Art was part of the KC contingent that ran the two free-throw contests and also helped at the catechist dinner and the winter blood drive. He was front and center for the spaghetti dinner on Feb. 23 that will help the youth fund their mission trip to Chattanooga, Tenn., next summer. He’s also part of our degree team, serving as the Outside Guard. Art served in both the Air Force (1952-56) and the Army (1958-77) as a helicopter and airplane mechanic. His main stops abroad were Germany and North Africa. He retired as a sergeant E-7 and decided to continue to make his home in north Texas. He has lived in Arlington since 2001 and became a Holy Spirit parishioner (and member of our council) in 2005. Art is a big sports fan, particularly baseball. That’s one of the many things that he and Maureen White (a New Jersey native herself) have in common. For those assuming a guy from The Bronx roots for the baseball team that wears pinstripes, Art points out his hardball allegiance has long with the Rangers. Hey, he has been here as long as they have.