Knight of the Month – July 2012


Allen Reitmeier was named the council’s Knight of the Month for July, following his fifth ultra-successful season of supervising operations of 8157’s concession stands during the Cedar Hill Baseball Association’s spring play. He estimated Knights put in 300-350 man-hours at the stands. Allen does the scheduling and stocking of the stands, duties that he was familiar with when he assumed the responsibility from Ross Musso shortly after joining the council in 2007. Allen had been a division president for Palm Harbor Homes. “I had to staff these factories – 500 people, get them to do the right things at the right times,” he said. “There’s a mission, a job you have to get done. Get the resources there to make it happen.” The scheduling often involves last-minute changes based on the number of games, which Allen quickly got used to. And when equipment fails during a shift? “One time a freezer died, and all the ice cream melted,” he said. “I got a little panicky. That doesn’t bother me anymore.”

Allen, the council’s Knight of the Year for 2009-10 also initiated our Knight Hands program and oversees its good works. He and wife Linda rarely take “down time,” and that’s usually to travel and see their three daughters, one son and seven grandchildren. As Linda aptly put it, “He never does anything 50 percent.”