Knight of the Month – September 2011

Josh Estrellas

Father-son combinations in a council are hardly a rarity in the Knights of Columbus. But in the case of Josh Estrellas, 8157‘s Knight of the Month for September, the sequence of their memberships is kind of like swimming upstream. Josh, a 20-year-old student at El Centro, took his first degree in June. And now his father, Reynoldo, is planning to follow in his son‘s footsteps in October. (Josh admits to putting something of a hard sell on dear ol‘ Dad.) Josh is a 2010 graduate of Duncanville High School and attends El Centro College, focusing on medical courses. In that case, he‘s kind of following in the footsteps of his mother, Elsa, who is a nurse at Charlton. What will happen after El Centro? Well, he‘s not quite sure. Josh‘s is the second oldest of four children. There‘s older brother Patrick and, after Josh, Kevin and Rose. Josh got a quick indoctrination to the KC work ethic when handed a mop during the huge reception that was held for Fr. Arthur in mid-July to celebrate his ordination. He soon followed that up helping on the cooking crew for the finish of Vacation Bible School. And during the Fall Festival, Josh helped out in the food booth that provided egg rolls. He‘s off to an excellent start.