Knight of the Year 2010-2011

Mike Fitzgerald

Mike has been a stellar performer this past fraternal year, not only in his position as Treasurer, but in many other activities through-out the year including: helping at every breakfast, helping at every fish fry, working at the ballpark when called upon, helping during all phases of the Fall Festival, helping with the Seminarian cook-out, and helping Knight Hands. In addition Mike is a regular usher and, along with his wife Susan, a regular Eucharist Minister. Mike is dependable, courteous, respectful of others‘ feelings and completely and utterly honest.

The Knight of the year is selected by past Knights of the Year.  In May of each year, Jim Kowalski asks each prior active Knight of the Year winner to submit three names he deems worthy of selection as Knight of the Year; and to prioritize them as a #1, #2, or #3 choice.  A number 1 choice is worth 3 points, a #2 choice 2 points and a #3 choice 1 point.  Usually there are between 13 – 15 past Knight of the Year winners who are active and participate in this process.   Jim then totals the scores and announces the winner at the annual awards ceremony.  No past winner of the Knight of the Year can win the award a second time.

The silver bowl that Mike is holding is his small reward for a job well done.  With all the work he has done the past year and his superior marks for character, it was an easy selection for the honor of KNIGHT OF THE YEAR.