Knights Hands Respond Quickly


Knight Hands on the job

Knight Hands are never short of responding to those who ask for help.  When Jessica Huckabe asked the Knights for help with repairing their water heater, refrigerator and washing machine, three Knight jumped into action and scheduled a visit to Jessica and Steve’s home.

It didn’t take long to figure out that the water heater was beyond repair and it was decided right there to replace the 50 gallon electric water heater.  While Jorge Ruiz and Allen Reitmeier bought a new water heater and various accessory parts at Home Depot, Jose Montoya figured out that the refrigerator need a new evaporation fan motor.  We were prepared to give Jessica and Steve a refrigerator we had taken from Dot Thomas Park in Cedar Hill; but that was not needed. 

Shortly after, Jose Luis Ramirez (a professional plumber) arrived and hooked up the new water heater.  The job he did was very professional – so professional that he sent Jorge and Allen back to Home Depot to get new connecting pipes.  In the end after about 13 man hours of labor, the refrigerator was producing ice cubes and the water heater was producing hot water.  Jessica and Steve were delighted. Another example of the professional acumen of Knight Hands.