Lenten Fish Fries Begin



Thirty Knights (Al Alonzo, Celestino Rios, Ken Rarick, Dom Mascardo, Frank Hernandez, Les Migala, Juan Chapa, Benny Sikorski, Andy Goza, Frank Salazar, Mike Higgins, Jorge Ruiz, David Ybarra, Dan Murphy, Steve Zehnder, David Dybala, Brad Lamb, Greg Warr, Noe Saenz, Larry Balagna, Mike Fitzgerald, Bill Dover, John Espree, Billy Callender, Jack Ramsden, Gene Jones, Peter Perta, Mike Rumsey, Rolando Sobalvarro,  and Nick Kleinhaus) joined together to set-up, prepare, and serve at the first fish fry of the 2013 Lenten season.  Perhaps there wasn’t quite enough work to keep this many Knights at work at all times, but it certainly made the work easy and everyone had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other; especially the first time guys – Celestine Rios, Dom Mascardo, Mike Higgins, Brad Lamb, Noe Saenz, and Jorge Ruiz.  Many Knights began preparation at 2:00pm with setting up the tables and preparing the gymnasium for guests.


Andy Goza, along with his wife Susan and daughter Madison made at least 100 chocolate chip cookies (really big ones).  Frank Salazar arrived very early to make sure all bases were covered and Dan Murphy and Benny Sikorski made sure the fish fryers and the cooked fish were ready in plenty of time – no waiting for fish during this event.  Mike Rumsey, as usual, led the dish washing operation.  Everyone else just pitched in where they saw the need so that serving 160 guests was a “piece of cake”.  The menu of fried catfish, beans, french fries, salad and drinks (tea, water, and lemonade) was the same as previous years.  There will be a fish fry every Friday afternoon/evening during Lent (except Good Friday).  Let’s have a big turn out of Knights for all of them.  Thanks to all who helped this past Friday, February 15th (especially the new guys)  and see you next Friday afternoon.