Major-Degree Ceremony – February 2015

New Third Degree Knights
Our New Third Degree Knights: Jesse Radillo, Miguel Hernandez, Daniel Rosales, Noe Saenz, Ben Luna, Mario Ramos and Robert Tovar. Not pictured are: Craig Reves, Shawn Adams, Leslie Beene, Cris Valdez, Alex Sabo, Alan Garcia, Roy Cormier.
Lunch being served at the Major Degree on Saturday Feb 7, 2015.
Lunch being served at the Major Degree on Saturday Feb 7, 2015.

[dropcaps] F [/dropcaps] ourteen of our council members went through the major-degree ceremony hosted in our own community center on Saturday, Feb. 7. Shawn Adams, Leslie Beene, Roy Cormier, Alan Garcia, Miguel Hernandez, Ben Luna, Jesse Radillo, Mario Ramos, Craig Reves, Daniel Rosales, Alex Sabo, Noe Saenz, Robert Tovar and Cris Valdez became members in the third degree. They were joined by seven other newcomers from other councils across the diocese.

The 8157 participants were supported by a group of council peers (including providing breakfast and lunch) headed by Deputy Grand Knight Jim Richardson and Chancellor Tom Greco that included Andy Goza, Jeff Miller, Bob Motta, Peter Perta, Jack Ramsden, Allen Reitmeier, Jorge Ruiz, Art Senato, James Smith, Jim Stavinoha and La’Don Wright.

Andy Goza
Council Activities Director Andy Goza visits with Diocesan Deputy Roger Scott and Assistant Diocesan Deputies Jim Kowalski and Ray Rabenaldt.

Dignitaries included Diocesan Deputy Roger Scott, Assistant Diocesan Deputy Ray Rabenaldt, Fr. “Joseph” Hoa Tuc Trinh from St. Michael the Archangel parish in Grand Prairie and two from our own council – District Deputy Bill Dover and Assistant Diocesan Deputy Jim Kowalski. Hats off to the members of the major-degree team who came from near and far – David Carr from Frisco, Eli Farias from San Antonio, K.C. Kinney from Coppell, Rosendo Martinez from Garland, Larry Moman from Coppell, Dave Moser from Ferris, Jim Onufrak from Farmers Branch, Coy Pierce from Allen, Bob Stras from Farmers Branch and Mike Verdiquel from Farmers Branch. In major-degree ceremonies held at Holy Spirit the past two Februarys, 24 members have earned third-degree membership. The ’15 participants ranged from a first-degree entry in January 2013 to Leslie Beene, who took his first degree a week earlier. Congratulations to all, and thanks to the “veteran” major-degree members who accompanied them through the journey.


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