Rectory Fence Expanded


On the morning of March 2, 2012, David Dybala, Ken Rarick, Jorge Barragan, Mike Rumsay, Marce Tebbe, Hector Lopez, Al Alonzo, Bob Lamb and Allen Reitmeier met at the back yard of the parish house and begin the job of moving the backyard fence about 16′ to make the back yard big enough to house a vegetable garden and a dog.  With the help of the donated equipment by Chris Edward of a hole digger and the use of his  Bobcat we were able to simply lift out the old fence post and installed and re-cement them into the new expanded holes.  Including the time spent buying and delivering material for this job, we expended about 34 man/hours

The project continued on March 3, 2012 by David Dybala, Bary Barksdale, Jorge Barragan, and Marce Tebbe  as we installed the old fencing onto the newly installed posts; plus installing four addition sections to widen the back yard.  The total project took about 47 man/hours and cost about $275.00