K of C Council 8157 Academic Scholarships

 The Knights of Columbus Council 8157 shall award a scholarship for the elected awardee for undergraduate study leading to a degree or certificate to any accredited college or university. 

The awardee must have been accepted by the educational institution for enrollment in a course of study leading toward a degree or certificate. Educational grant money is to be used for education in a university, college, junior college, technical school, business school or seminary. The award will be made to the institution to be applied toward cost associated with attendance or enrollment as mentioned. 

Application must be made using the included Scholarship Application. Applications will be accepted during the period from April 1st through April 30th of the applicable calendar year. 


  1. The applicant must be a graduating senior of an accredited secondary educational institution, have successfully earned a GED from a recognized educational board, or have successfully completed a homeschooling program and have been accepted by an approved institution. 
  2. The applicant must be a Knights of Columbus member in good standing of the Council, or the member’s wife, son, or daughter. A granddaughter or grandson of a member in good standing with the Council may apply if their father is not a Knight or is not in good standing. Descendants of deceased members or grandfathers who were in good standing are also eligible. 

 Applications will be reviewed by the council Scholarship Committee as appointed annually by the Grand Knight. The Financial Secretary shall verify that the sponsor is in good standing with the council. The Scholarship Committee shall advise the council as to the identities of the successful applicants. The council shall confirm the selections. 

The Council shall determine the total amount to be budgeted for this program annually. The Council shall also establish how that amount is to be distributed, either establishing a minimum for each award and then dividing the balance among the awardees, holding any unawarded amount for future awards or returning the unawarded amount to the general fund. 

The Grand Knight, the Financial Secretary, or the chairman of the Scholarship Committee shall notify the awardee (s) with a congratulatory letter. Unsuccessful applicants should also be notified in writing, thanking them for their participation. 

Successful awardees will be required to furnish to the council Financial Secretary the necessary contact information to facilitate the award. 

Madison Goza

Scholarship awarded to Ms. Madison Goza, St. Mary’s University, August 2021.

Elizabeth Marie Meyer

Scholarship awarded to Ms. Elizabeth Meyer, University of Texas at Austin, August 2021.

Zara Montoya

Scholarship awarded to Ms. Zara Montoya, Baylor University, August 2021.

Last revision: April 14, 2024.