St Joseph’s BBQ

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Tom Greco, Art Senato,  Ed O’Brien, Mike Fitzgerald,  Benny Sikorski, and Jim Richardson are ready to begin serving at St Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s BBQ on October 19, 2013

On Saturday October 19 fourteen Knights participated in our semi-annual BBQ luncheon at St Joseph’s  Nursing Home in Dallas. This was possibly the best luncheon we have hosted at St Joseph’s as we served approximately 95 residences and their families. This included our own Knight Steve Zehnder and his extended family to include his brother in law’s family and his daughter and son-in-law along with their 4 quads. The matriarch of his wife Denise’s family is a resident at St Joseph and long time member of Holy Spirit Parish.  Besides the Zehnder’s there were many other families  present who took advantage of the BBQ to spend valuable time with their relatives.  As always the nuns were very grateful for our efforts.

Participating Knights included Frank Hernandez, Billy Calender, Jim Ouimett, Ray Rivera, Andy Goza, Ed Obrien, Benny Sikorski, Jim Richardson, Jack Ramsden, Art Senato, Dan Murphy, Tom Greco, Mike Fitzgerald, and Pat May.

Written by Dan Murphy.

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