Baseball – Year #9 Ends



Since the beginning of little league baseball at Valley Ridge Park in the spring of 2008, the Knights of Columbus of this council have been manning the concession stands in Cedar Hill – mainly at Valley Ridge Park.  We have, however, also worked at Dot Thomas Park, the Community Center Park and Parkerville Park as well.  So as the 9th year of little league baseball concluded this past Sunday October 23nd, we should all step back and say “thank you” to all the Knights who have worked these games over the years.  Do you remember B. J. Tucker and Chris Kubin who stated this whole thing?  Do you remember when Ross Musso taught everyone how to make a proper Nacho?  Or when Nick Kleinhaus was a Saturday captain? Or when Tim Weinrich made his special BBQ sauce? Or when Martin Swatek cooked brisket?  Or when Ed O’Brien opened every Saturday morning for a number of years with his two sidekicks Bob Foster and Frank Hernandez?  Or when David Briggs made everybody laugh anytime he worked at the concession stand?  Or the tournament in 2009 when the high temperature for the day was 33 degrees?  I bet Jim Kowalski and Dick Bates remember.  And how about the week day Captains over the years? Or John Espree who has opened every Saturday for the past three years?  Or Eric Conner and Steve Castillo and Steve Zehnder and Russell Gully and Mike Rumsey who have worked countless Saturday afternoons.  I’m pretty sure that  everyone remembers their particular experience at any World Series when the line never seemed to end and it was so hot you just wanted to quit?

baseball48But I’m sure you also remember the little ones who came to the counter with a quarter and ordered a freezer pop or a pickle pop or 4 pieces of gum and the joy on their faces when they received their prize.  Our mission at the concession stand, in conjunction with the Cedar Hill Baseball Association, is to create a family atmosphere at the games. Many will say that our prices are too low; and while that may be true nothing can replace the smiles we receive from folks, especially the little ones, as they receive value for their money.  Larry Balagna sums up this attitude best when he tell a young customer that ” the price is a smile”.   Over the years the concession stands have generated a tremendous amount of revenue -revenue that has been put to good use in the community, in the state, and around the world.  The Knights of Columbus of Council #8157 should be proud of all the good they have done in the world.  More specifically, whenever a Knight works one hour at a baseball concession stand, they generate about $20 in bankable revenue for the Council.  So the next time you work think not about the time you have to spend there but all the good that comes from your effort.


Our current agreement with the Cedar Hill Baseball Association runs through the 2017 little league baseball season and the president of the CHBA, Clint Farrell, has assured me that the Association wants us to be their concessionaire for years to come.  With the help of the baseball committee and all the Knights of this council we can, for sure, continue to provide quality food with friendly service with reasonable prices.  If you haven’t been a participant in this worthwhile endeavor and wish to be in the future, just contact Allen Reitmeier at or call at 214-850-3602.


The 2017 spring baseball season begins the first week of April and the 2017 annual Class A little league World Series is the last weekend in June; and in between there are are about 250 regular season games – either Best Southwest Baseball or Southwest Classic. Last year we attended a total of 608 games – that’s both spring and fall seasons; so there should be a time for everyone to participate.  See you all at the ballpark and thanks for all you do.