Family Fun Day


On Sunday February4, 2024, Deborah Pearson, Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator for Holy Spirit Catholic Church,  proclaimed this day Family Fun Day.  And so all the youth in children’s faith formation gathered in the gym instead of their classrooms and were joined by their catechists and for Family Fun Day were also joined by their families – moms, dads and siblings.  There was some arts and crafts stuff for the very young; but this gathering was also a learning event for the entire family.  The topic for Family Fun Day was a review of the parts of the Mass and the meaning of Lent.  The first session of Family Fun Day was from 8:30am until 10:30 and had about 240 participants and the second session was from 11:00am until about 1pm and had 330 in attendance.  The Knights of Columbus participated in this event by cooking breakfast, at no charge to all those attending Family Fun Day. 

So around 6am Knights began arriving and cooking breakfast consisting of pancakes, hash browns, bacon, biscuits with gravy, bacon and various drinks.  John Espree and Jesse were the main pancake grillers.  Mike Fitzgerald, Russell LeRoy and Jorge Caraveo prepared the bacon and the biscuits.   Allen Reitmeier grilled the hash browns and Mark Evans prepared the gravy.  Jorge Ruiz manned the recruiting table and signed up a new Knights.  Jose Montoya, Mary Archer and Eduardo Florentes took care of supplying and re-supplying the drinks.  Dan Murphy and Russell Gully were on the serving line.  James Smith saw to it that everyone had something to do and gave direction when necessary.   It was an all-around happy Sunday morning for the catechists, children, parents and the Knights.