Knight of the Month – May 2020

David Ybarra

David Ybarra


These atypical months during the current pandemic have still been busy ones for David as our council has pulled out the grills and served meals to staffers at Methodist Charlton and at the St. Joseph’s Home in Oak Cliff. The man can wield a mean spatula and looks like he’s working on a NASCAR pit crew placing burgers in buns by the dozens. David joined the council in 2008 and served as our Chancellor during the 2010-12 fraternal years but stepped back from being an officer when his elderly in-laws moved in from El Paso and became the daily center of the lives of he and wife Veronica. (Amelia Ybarra passed away in September 2019 at the age of 109; Juan Ybarra passed away a month later at age 108.) David and Veronica met in El Paso, where Veronica was born and where David moved to as a child from Chicago. He retired five years from his most recent position as a warehouse manager. The Ybarras live in Waxahachie and have been Holy Spirit parishioners since 2003. Even through the painter’s mask worn during the pandemic, it was easy to see David works with a smile on his face.