Virtual Hike for Life Texas

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Virtual Hike for Life Texas

The risk of Covid-19 exposure will not allow us to gather or hike together this year, however we can still raise funds together for the ministries we support (see list below).

Our Hike this year will be virtual – spanning from September 19th through October 24th. Our Hike site will be open for you to assist our Dallas area Pro Life Ministries by signing up and collecting donations.Our Life Director Mike Moloughney has created a team hiker page for our KofC Council 8157, please follow the link below. This is our call to serve in defense of Life, if every member of our council were to donate just $10 each, we would easily exceed our goal of $2,000.

Brothers please click on the link below to sponsor/donate. Then forward this email to friends and family encouraging them to join you in sponsoring our team… anything you can do will help us meet or exceed our goal.

It is up to us to help protect our unborn brothers and sisters. Be part of Hike for Life 2020. Please give for Life.

Supported Ministries

  • Birth Choice Pregnancy Resource Center- $30,000
  • White Rose Pregnancy Resource Center – $30,000
  • Mater Filius Maternity Home – $7500
  • In My Shoes Maternity Home – $7500 
  • Bella House Maternity Home – $7500
  • Catholic Pro Life Community – $7500 
  • Guadalupe Radio Network – $1500 
  • Option Line – $1500

For more information visit:
or contact Mike Moloughney, Council 8157 LIFE Director.