The lifeblood of this Council is its new members.


Tom Greco

Membership Director

A growing council is a vibrant and exciting council spurred on by new ideas and new lifeblood for the many and varied activities of the council. Without new members the council becomes stagnant and as time passes slowly drift away from it's mission. The duties of the membership director include recruiting new members through direct contact with prospective candidates as well as encouraging everyone in the council to prospect for new members. The director must then follow up on prospective candidates after they have signed their application for membership to assure they are voted upon and approved by the council at a regular business meeting or an Officers and Directors meeting. In addition the director must then insure that each approved candidate attends a 1st Degree ceremony where he is officially declared a Knight of Columbus. Tom joined the Knights on Nov. 13, 2007 and took his major degree on Jan. 20, 2008, dates that he can recite off the top of his head. He ironically was invited to join by the council’s membership director at the time, Bill Dover, and is now the council’s membership director himself. Tom moved from the office of Warden to that of Chancellor with the beginning of the new fraternal year on July 1, 2014. He is the leader of our Degree Team since its start in August 2012. He was voted Knight of the Year in 2014. Tom and his wife of 39 years, Helen Beggane, are familiar faces in the choir at 5:30 Mass on Saturdays, and Tom also serves as a lector.


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When you’re married and you have a wife and kids you’re always concerned that if something were to happen to you, what would happen to them? The main reason for the Knights of Columbus was to take care of the widows once the bread winner passed away.

Andrew T. 3rd Degree Knight

You could have a great impact on people’s lives by getting involved in your community – one way we do that is through our service program we call The Knight Hands. We assist the needy in the Holy Spirit parish area with minor home repairs, household chores, and transportation services.

Allen R. 3rd Degree Knight

Everything I got involved in with the Knights of Columbus, my wife and children were with me. It opens up an avenue of opportunity to socialize and do things together.

James S. 3rd Degree Knight



New Members


Miguel Hernandez – Aug 2014

Miguel and Darlene Hernandez came in to give blood during our Summer Blood Drive after Mass, accompanied by their two highly spirited young boys, David (4) and Benjamin (2.5). Having come from the St Cecilia parish only a couple of months ago the young family already appears very comfortable in their new surroundings and seems…

Charles “Chuck” Garner – June 2014

Chuck was born and reared in Dallas, graduated from Jesuit High School and added bachelor and MBA degrees from Stephen F. Austin State University. It was at SFA that he met Dede, and they were married in 1989. They have two children – Nick (21), who graduated from Bishop Dunne and is an SFA student…

Carlos Limones – June 2014

Carlos was born in Dallas and is a 1992 graduate of Duncanville High. He and wife Melisa will celebrate their 15th anniversary in late July. They have five children – Bibiana (14), Andres (13) Laila (11), Elise (8) and Porfi (7). They’ve been parishioners for 14 years. Carlos likes to watch his kids play soccer…

Tony Herrera – June 2014

Tony is an “original” Holy Spirit parishioner from 1974 who somehow escaped the council’s “grasp” for many years. He’s from West Texas, growing up in Marfa and marrying Elisa from nearby Fort Davis in 1961. They came to our area a few years later when Tony answered an ad for an electrician but quit soon…

Antonio Gomez Jr. – June 2014

Antonio, or Tony Jr., joined the council alongside his father. He is a 1997 graduate of Duncanville High. He and wife Jessica have been married five years. Antonio has four children – Rey (13), twins Anastasia and Victoria (12) and Tobias Rex (2, also known as “T-Rex”). The Gomez family lives in Cedar Hill. Antonio…